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233 Studios a 233 Productions LLC company

Times change and nothing stands still. During the 2020 Covid Pandemic the entire entertainment industry changed. We thought to ourselves, how does the public view media now, how can we bring entertainment in such changing times? Well, the answer to that is 233 Studios. We hope you enjoy our projects as much as we enjoy working on them. Brought to you by a team of international independent artists.

Game Character Creation
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As a 21st Century company, it is our mission to explore art at a capacity that goes beyond a single medium. Using technology and newfound ingenuity we tell stories that push the limits of our perception of reality. It is our mission to build a better environment that centers around common core values. These values are, respect, integrity, equity, growth, community and honor.


Respect to the individual, environment, and company


Doing the right thing


Freedom from bias or favoritism

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